Live Webinar

3 Ways to Leverage Telehealth to Increase Practice Revenues Post-COVID

Watch our webinar for practical ways you can immediately leverage telehealth to improve the financial health of your practice.

From 2020 Telehealth Survival to 2021 Prosperity

What was a lifeline to patient care during the COVID-19 era is now a strategic opportunity to significantly improve the financial health of your practice, deepen patient engagement, and enhance the efficiency of your front-office.

This webinar featured two industry innovators, and CEOs of cutting-edge companies – Mend and Healthcare Success. They shared proprietary data on where telehealth is today, and how to leverage it to intelligently grow your practice post-COVID.

Navigating the Rapidly Evolving Area of Telehealth

The Untold Underbelly of Telehealth

Insights into what you should watch out for while growing your telehealth practice.

Revenue-Generating Best Practices

What the top firms are doing to capitalize on this "moment-in-time" opportunity.

Regulations & Reimbursement

How future regulation and reimbursement models impact the delivery of care.


Matt McBride
CEO, Mend
Matt and 3 best friends founded Mend in 2014 to help reimagine patient and provider experiences. Mend is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. with a #1 rated telemedicine software platform. Mend also offers a complete patient engagement solution that seamlessly spans both virtual and in-person appointments creating a complete patient communication solution for health organizations.
Stewart Gandolf
CEO, Healthcare Success
Stewart Gandolf is CEO of Healthcare Success, one of the nation’s leading healthcare marketing agencies. Over the past 20 years, Stewart has marketed and consulted for over 1,000 healthcare clients. A frequent speaker, Stewart has shared his expertise at over 200 venues nationwide. As an author and expert resource, Stewart has also written for many leading industry publications, including the 21,000 subscriber Healthcare Success Insight blog.